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A framework for mitigating social media MADNESS

It's not what you say it's how it's perceived 

The matter of social media and cognitive affective neuroscience has been in the public eye and the discussion of the its impact, recently, has been accelerating. As dramatically portrayed as biography in The Social Network and aptly unpacked as a docudrama in The Social Dilemma, there are lingering questions about how these platforms are used to adjust the human mind and promulgate the social engagement of disinformation

I've been mulling on that problem a bit and find there is a dilemma indeed involving deprogramming approaches and how any new offering must be architected to prevent furtherance of the negative results of the current paradigm. To that end I have started to delve into development of a framework to describe and define the issue establishing a goal, strategy and a method to achieve the it.

Here's quick take on the fundamentals of the problem intended for a  framework to identify and mitigate for Metadata Aggregation Driven Negatively Enhanced Social Stigma (MADNESS).

Description: Disinformation is weaponized. The consumption of disruptive and illogical or false narratives and facts should be neurochemically adverse. It is not, it is weaponized.

Definition: Proactive Discernment - The triggering by consumption of narrative, or facts, to attenuate or cease engagement using the comparative analysis of situational attributes, e.g., negative social engagement is diminished by associated and observable favorable responses.  Responses that halt the promulgation of false information are good.

Goal: Make the negative aspect of memetic propagation apparent and observable.

Strategy: Advocate for the inclusion of a dislike or negative 'vote' to manipulate the inclusion of negative threads of discussion and alter the lexicon of social engagement memetics. The use of this triggering 'dislikes' is a slippery slope. A framework to describe the trajectory of MADNESS, the TTPs as it were, will be necessary to bound the problem. Definition of the framework is an initial required step.

Innovation is the product of curiosity and creativity.

"InfoBro" - Eric Dana Williams

The Bottom Line

This is not a new thing. Most things aren't. This is an old a discarded idea that with the benefit of hindsight actually may have been the answer to the problem with the failure of passive means at culling negative and inaccurate content. I welcome your thoughts on this matter.

Stay aware and stay tuned. Happy Holidays. Subscribe.  

(Updated 2021/02/26)

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