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Can we stop saying Zero-day?

Zero-day Is When Discovery "Happens" Not What It Is. I've long been of the mindset that doesn't agree with the term "zero-day" exploit or vulnerability. Where the only party to whom it applies seems to be the victim or defender. It's a term of art I think is flawed.  Let's go a little deeper so you can understand where I'm coming from on ...

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Get back to patching day for... sudo(8) CVE-2021-3156

Most Linux distributions affected by a sudo(8) bug that allows privilege escalation to root Announced today was CVE-2021-3156 a/k/a "Baron Samedit", a vulnerability to most default installations of sudo(8) prior to 1.9.5p2 on Linux, that may go back as far as 10 years.  Many Linux distributions are distributed with sudo(8) ...

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